Whether you’re looking for a designer saree to wear for a special occasion, a new addition to your existing collection of fashion sarees, or the best selection of designer sarees online, Dupatta is the one-stop destination you’ve been looking for. By combining India’s rich textile traditions with contemporary patterns and techniques, we’ve created the best designer sarees that are comfortable, easy to drape and have a distinctive look. So, if you’re looking to buy fashion sarees online, you’ve come to the right destination.
As a brand, Dupatta was born with the vision of offering the best designer sarees to customers who want to buy fashion sarees online, and we do so by working closely with India’s vast artisan community. Our fashion sarees are available in a variety of fabrics, including soft mul sarees, crisp linen sarees, luxurious silk sarees and smart cotton sarees. Many of our pieces are made on handlooms, to reduce their environmental footprint – this is rare to find when you want to buy a designer saree online. Along with designer sarees, we also have a comprehensive collection of stylish blouses that will perfectly complement every fashion saree you wear. Our designer sarees come in a variety of colours and finishes, implementing techniques as diverse as batik, jamdani and khesh, to give you the best fashion sarees at cheap prices. We strive to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative collection when for you to buy designer sarees online.
What style of fashion sarees suits your personality?

Handloom cotton fashion sarees: Handloom cotton is woven on traditional hand operated looms. Two sets of interlacing yarns, the warp (length) and weft (width), are woven on a mechanised loom, which is operated by weavers. These looms do not use electricity. The fabric is much softer, more durable and much more comfortable than other designer sarees. Handloom cotton fashion sarees are more breathable. They feel lighter in summers and are warmer than other fashion sarees in winters. The dyeing process is also easier for a handloom cotton designer saree as the colour penetration is more. A handloom cotton saree should be among your top preferences, when you buy fashion sarees online.
Mul cotton designer sarees: Mul cotton is also known as mul mul in West Bengal. It is one of the most common searches among customers who want to buy fashion sarees online. A fashion saree made of mul fabric is soft and delicate. The weave of this fabric is very fine, which lends designer sarees made of mul cotton a very fluid texture. As a result, draping these fashion sarees is a breeze. Make sure to include a mul cotton saree when you buy designer sarees online,
Linen designer sarees: Linen is one of the oldest and most widely used fabrics in the world. It is especially popular in countries with hot and lengthy summers. When you buy designer sarees online, remember that linen can make a smart and comfortable addition, especially for work wear. This is because a linen designer saree feels crisp and sturdy, even in humid weather conditions. The process of making linen fashion sarees is quite labour-intensive. Linen is made from flax fibres, which are woven into fabric. The weaving is done with specific counts as per requirements. Thus, you must include at least one linen saree when you buy fashion sarees online.
Silk fashion sarees: Silk has traditionally been used in designer sarees in India for many centuries. While brocade weaving was developed in the capital cities and holy towns of Ancient India, sericulture and silk-weaving received from the Mughal Empire came to be renowned across the world. Today, Assam designer silk sarees, Mysore fashion silk sarees, intricate Kanchipuram fashion silk sarees and Banarasi designer silk sarees are among the best designer sarees you can buy online in India. If you’re looking for an exquisite fashion saree to wear for a formal occasion, make sure to consider these, when you buy designer sarees online. 

Jamdani designer sarees: Jamdani is a fine muslin textile that was historically produced in Bangladesh. Even among handloom weaves, it is considered one of the most time and labour-intensive forms and is often named among the finest varieties of muslin. This technique is mostly used to make designer sarees in India, which find admirers across the world. Buying authentic Jamdani designer sarees in India can be challenging, but efforts are being made by government and non-government organisations to revive the art and ensure that weavers are paid fairly for their efforts, each time you buy designer sarees online. Jamdani fashion sarees will set you apart from the crowd, and are a must have in every wardrobe. Look for an authentic Jamdani saree, such as those that are part of our collection, when you buy fashion sarees online.
Khesh designer sarees: Khesh is a technique that originated in Santiniketan, in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. To make designer sarees using this technique, the warp must contain new yarn while the weft has strips of cloth made by tearing old cotton sarees lengthwise. Khesh sarees are among the earliest examples of old sarees being converted into new and stylish designer sarees – a step towards creating a circular fashion cycle. Such designer sarees are becoming popular, once again, thanks to eco-conscious consumers, who want to buy fashion sarees online.

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